CDB series Metal Distribution Box

Short Description:

CDB series metal distribution box is designed for households, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls and factories etc. This distribution box is suitable for mounting of MCB, RCD, RCCB, fuses, surge protection unit etc, and is widely used in low voltage distribution networks, power supplying, lighting, communication, security etc.

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Product Description

Technical Data
★Installation : wall mounted
★Material : Non-combustible steel sheets or other material according to customer request
★Door open direction: 100° upward
★Color: RAL9003 or other colors
★Painting: High quality epoxy polyester powder
★Mechanical impact resistance: IK10
★Accessory: Din rail, or busbar according customer requests

Construction and Feature
★The wrap around front cover provides a clean and un-obtrusive finish
★Retained cover screws to prevent loss
★With extra wide 100° opening, it offers superior visibility of protection devices, even when the consumer unit is mounted low down, and provides the perfect position for labelling
★Multiple cable entry and exit points, available with rectangular or circular knockouts for outgoing circuits on four sides
★Reasonable design increased the internal space of the product, provides generous wiring space for outgoing cabling during installation , as well as for future additions
★High anti-corrosion property.

Product service

Optional installation service
We can install switches and make wire connections if customer provide switches etc.

This CDB series metal box has a more reasonable design, excellent craftsmanship, and strict quality control, ensuring the durability and stability of the product. In addition, the design of multiple cable entry and exit points improves the versatility and flexibility of the product. After being launched in the market, it has gained good reviews and performance, providing an ideal low-voltage electrical control and power distribution solution for users in various fields.

Metal Distribution box

Model W(mm) H(mm) D(mm) D1(mm) lnstall hole size(mm)
CDB-04 126 260 80 105 201 66.5
Model W(mm) H(mm) D(mm) D1 (mm) lnstal l hole size(mm)
CDB-08 200 260 80 105 201 137
Model W(mm) H(mm) D(mm) D1 (mm) lnstal l hole size(mm)
CDB-10 234 260 80 105 201 171
Model W(mm) H(mm) D(mm) D1 (mm) lnstal l hole size(mm)
CDB-12 270 260 80 105 201 207
Model W(mm) H(mm) D(mm) D1 (mm) lnstal l hole size(mm)
CDB-16 342 260 80 105 201 278
Model W(mm) H(mm) D(mm) D1 (mm) lnstal l hole size(mm)
CDB-21 432 260 80 105 201 369

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