PDB-HT series Surface distribution box

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Application: Suitable for indoor and outdoor electric, communication, fire fightingapparatus, iron and steel smelting, petrochemical industry, electron, power system, railway, building, mine, air and sea port, hotel, ship, works, waste water treatment equipment, environmental equipment and so on.

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Body material  ABS
Transparent door  PC
Earth/Natural bars  Brass
Material characteristics  Impact, heat, low temperature and chemical resistance, excellent electrical performance and surface gloss, etc.
Certificates  CE, ROHS
Protection grade  IP65

Application: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in electrical engineering, communications, fire-fighting equipment, iron and steel smelting, Petrochemical industry, electronic, power system, railway, building, mine, air and sea port, hotel, ship, factory, waste water treatment equipment, environmental equipment, etc.

Installation: 1, Inside: There are din rail inside for din-rail type circuit breakers, earth bar and natural bar for cable connection.2, Outside: The products can be directly fixed on the wall or other flat boards with screws or nails via the screw holes in the base.

Outlet hole: The plastic plate in the hole can be knocked off for cables.

Packaging method: Each distribution box is individually packed in an inner box. The inner box is then placed in an outer box. To customer specification, we can also produce inner boxes and packaging quantities.

We can also install switches and connect cables if the customer provides switches and accessories.

Whether you need to buy plastic distribution boxes for residential, commercial or industrial applications, welcome to choose our products and contact our sales team for more details. We will provide you with the best service and the highest quality products.

Product Parameters

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Model Code

 Outside Dimenstion (mm) (KG)

G. Weight


N. Weight



(cm) Carton Dimenstion
PDB-HT 5WAYS 115 150 90 13 11.9 40 49×33×48
PDB-HT 8WAYS 197 150 90 14.2 13.2 30 48×41.5×48.5
PDB-HT 12WAYS 250 193 105 16.3 15.3 20 52.5×40.5×57
PDB-HT 15WAYS 305 195 105 18.5 17.5 20 63×40.5×57
PDB-HT 18WAYS 360 198 105 20.4 19.4 20 74×40.5×57
PDB-HT 24WAYS 270 350 105 14.6 13.6 10 56.5×36.5×56.5
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